‘IG Dealing Platform’ is the name of the platform developed by the British financial company IG Markets Ltd. The terminal is web-based and works on any major browser. There are four resizable modules and you can enable or disable them from the menu bar above them. 

All assets are displayed in the Finder section on the left side. You can add new instruments through the search box to the following modules: My Watchlist, Prices, Order to Open, or Deal Ticket. Instruments can be shown as a list or boxes.

The four most popular instruments (according to IG) are in the Popular Markets module. Clicking on its name invokes the CFD ticket window where you can place market or pending orders. Market orders are filled through the instant execution model and you can set take profit and stop loss orders in advance. We would like to note that an option for guaranteed stops is available. However, you will be charged for that.

The Chart module is also resizable and can be detached outside the workspace. You can trade directly from this module. All open positions and pending orders are shown as lines and you can modify them by dragging them. Time periods start from a tick to 1 month. Indicators are displayed as icons. There are several graphical objects such as arrows, lines, and Fibonacci retracement. You can apply layout properties to new one or can print the saved chart.

Financial news, economic calendar, technical analysis and Autochartist are available on the main menu bar.


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