‘Trading212’ is the name of the platform of the Bulgarian financial company Avus Capital Ltd. The platform is web based and can be run on any major browser. There are welcome steps for opening and closing a position and you can skip them. There are three main modules in the workspace. The instruments are displayed as boxes in the Favorites module. Each box contains instrument properties and buttons with buy and sell prices. Assets can also be shown as a list and new ones can be added through the search box or through the Add instruments menu.

You can open positions by pressing Buy or Sell buttons, or in the Detailed trade box. The instant execution model allows you to attach associated orders in advance. You can also set pending orders here. Order properties are shown before placing it, when you enter the trading amount. Already open positions are shown in the separate window where you can modify or close them.

The third module is for charts. Time periods start from a tick to 1 month and the chart types include normal candles, Heikin-Ashi, bars, and lines. There are several graphical objects such as lines, shapes and Fibonacci retracement. Over 40 technical indicators are available. You can trade directly from the chart module. Newly created custom templates can be saved, and their settings can be copied to the new charts. Open positions are displayed as lines and you can adjust associated orders by dragging its lines.

There are two trading modes – Aggregating and Hedging. If you want to open several positions for one instrument, you must select the hedging mode, otherwise you can open just one position for the instrument. 

This is a well-designed platform that provides plenty of features and we think both beginners and experienced traders can use it. However, there is no option for automated trading through expert advisors.


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