‘ActivTrader’ is the name of the platform for online trading developed by the financial company ActivTrades PLC. It is web-based and can be run on any major browser. The first impression is for a simple terminal that is suitable for novices. There are three main modules for instruments, charts and trades. Instruments can be shown as lines or as boxes. You can see current prices in a line mode, and you can make deals through the boxes. You can add new instruments by clicking the Add Symbol button. Instruments are arranged in five groups – Metals, Cash Indices, CFD forward, Majors, Minors and Exotics. One-click trading is also available, and scalpers will appreciate this. The company fills orders via the instant order execution model, so stop loss orders can be preset in advance. You can monitor and modify open positions in the Trades module. Orders can also be placed through the New Order button on the top of the desk.

The main part of the desk is dedicated to the Charts. The time periods start from 1 minute to 1 month and the chart types are candles, bars or lines. There are several graphical objects such as lines, geometric shapes and Fibonacci retracement. Over 80 indicators are available, and you can trade directly from the charts. The chart module is structured into sections and customers can add as many charts as they want.

In our opinion, this is an easy-to-use web based platform, perfect for you to start learning how to trade.


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