‘FXCM Trading Station’ is a platform for online trading developed by FXCM Group. There are two versions – desktop and web-based. The web-based terminal can be run on major browsers and looks a lot like the desktop version. There are four resizable modules. Like in the desktop version, the asset module includes two sections – Advanced Dealing Rates and Simple Dealing Rates. The Advanced dealing rates section shows selected instruments as a box. Each box displays its properties and Buy and Sell buttons. Clicking on a trade button invokes a ‘Create Market Window’ where you can set order properties and can attach take profit and stop loss orders. The other section – Simple dealing rates – shows all instruments properties in rows.

The ‘Positions’ module is below and shows all open positions. You can close them or attach associated orders here. The Account section contains information about Equity, Profit/Loss and Margin. The live news feed is in the adjacent module. The main menu bar is on the top of the workspace. The main menu bar is on the top of the workspace. You can set the platform properties here including password, language, and layouts.

The most used trading buttons are available in the Trading module including Buy, Sell Stop/Limit, Entry, and Reports. If the 1-click trading is switched on, all confirmations are skipped. As we always say, scalpers will find this a very useful feature. Clicking on the chart menu opens a new chart. Time periods start from 1 minute to 1 month and you can choose which price to be displayed, bid, or ask. There are several graphical objects such as lines and Fibonacci retracement. More than 50 indicators are available as well. 

Although it is a web-based platform, it has almost all functionality of the desktop version. However, it still is too complex for beginners.


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