Forex TB Limited owns the website The company is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). Traders can use one of the most popular trading terminals worldwide – MetaTrader 4 (MT4). In addition, they can trade through the company’s own terminal, which we are presenting here.

The platform looks nicely and easily constructed. The workspace consists of three modules – for instruments, for trades and charts, and for positions. The instruments available for trading are in the left module. It shows the most important information such as Bid and Ask process, the daily change, and daily high and low values for each instrument. There is a filter box and you can search for some particular asset or filter an entire asset class. You can also create your own favorites by clicking on the star symbol in the trade module. There is some inconvenience when adding instruments to favorites as the asset must first be selected to appear in the trading module and only then it can be added to favorites. Clicking the instrument opens its chart and loads the trade module.

Trading overview

You can place an order by clicking on the Sell or Buy button in the Trade module. Be careful – the default amount is 1 lot and if you would like to trade smaller values, you must enter them manually. Market orders are executed by clicking the TRADE button. If you select the “Open trade when rate reach” box, you will place a pending order (limit or stop).

Already open positions can be displayed in the Positions module at the bottom right component of the platform where they can be closed or revised.

The chart window is integrated into the trade module. Charts can be maximized and occupy the entire workspace. Chart types include candlesticks, HeikinAshi, bars, lines, area, and dots. Time frame starts from one minute and can be chosen up to one month. Zooming can be done by the dedicated buttons or by the mouse scroll wheel. There are a lot of graphical objects such as different types of lines, geometric shapes, text, pattern tools, a tool for measure, and Fibonacci retracement. Nearly 50 technical indicators are available from the Indicators Wizard menu.


You have access to the economic calendar and daily market update directly from the terminal.

Overall, the platform is simple organized and provides all the essential tools for novices. The more experienced would probably prefer the MetaTrader 4 platform, which the company also offers.


  1. I met this broker 2 years ago. The advantages of trading include that ForexTB clients can trade over 300 financial assets, which include 50 currency pairs, stocks, commodities, precious metals, energy, as well as stock indices and cryptocurrencies.
    There are many different tools, tactics and strategies that traders can use to determine which assets they want to trade and when is the best time to enter and exit the market. FXTB offers a variety of trading tools, analytical tools. The broker also offers the latest market news directly on their website.
    In addition, ForexTB also offers Advanced Market Analysis from Trading Central.

  2. I can say only a warm word about this brokerage service. I occasionally discovered this company online and from the very beginning I was attracted by their Webtrader. It seems to me that I already tried a platform with the same name. It was quite similar to that one but this one is even better. Perhaps, it’s just another version of Webtrader with an improved layout. It allows to quickly shift between financial instruments and it’s very good for intensive trading.
    As for the broker, it executes its duties well. I can’t complain about execution and withdrawals.

  3. ForexTB is a broker that is resistant to stressful market situations. I felt this in my trading, when in the beginning of spring I rolled down and up on gold and earned almost 3 thousand dollars. In total, several dozen transactions were opened during this time. The spreads for all pairs were the same as before the covid. Well, maybe a couple of deals are a little wider. But as I communicated with the people from other companies, so many people in general were terrified. People wrote that commodities spreads expanded to 50 points. For currencies, a little less.
    Does anyone other than me trade commodities? How do you like these assets?

    • I traded commodities with a ForexTB broker last year. From a technical point of view, this trade is not different from trading other assets. For me this market is more clear and predictable than forex trading. As a person who grew up in the countryside, I used to trade CFDs on agricultural commodities. Now, due to heavy workload I am not trading temporarily, but I am planning to return to trading in fall.
      There are 4 categories of commodities for trade, that is
      agricultural commodities (sugar, cocoa, coffee), energy commodities (oil and gas), metals such as gold, silver and platinum, and livestock commodities.
      With ForexTB you can speculate on commodity prices through contracts for difference (CFDs).

  4. ForexTB has attractive terms and conditions. ForexTB offers four types of accounts, each aimed at traders with different needs and different financial capabilities. Technical support is fast, when I needed a consultation during the deposit, they answered instantly, and as they say every second was precious. That is why there are no complaints. As for newbies, you may understand that many people are satisfied with the minimal deposit amount. But, you should understand that there is nothing to do on financial markets with 10 dollars. This is why I think that in order to make good and profitable trading, you should open a golden account.

  5. Trading online is not an easy business, and you need to have support from the broker to arrange a stable profit. I joined ForexTB after jumping from one broker to another exactly because of this reason. Some companies think that providing access to liquidity and having free trading software is enough for traders. Others charge too much for their services. ForexTB has a balanced solution as the broker also provides several analysis tools such as Trading Central’s app for technical analysis and MarketBuzz app for fundamental research. Life of a trader is full of tough decisions and every piece of information can simplify it.

  6. I opened a Basic account with this broker following a recommendation of my brother. It’s so good when you have an opportunity to follow a tip from a person you know in person and trust him. It greatly saves time. You know that time is the most important thing in our life. There’s an old true statement – Time is Money. I have realized how true it is once I started trading. Those who don’t value their time are bound to lose in trading.

  7. For a long time I have been looking for a reliable, solid broker with no problems with the license, withdrawal of funds and speed of execution of orders. I have tried different brokers, but I have stopped on ForexTB. The company has pleased me with pleasant conditions, competent support service and in general it has left pleasant impression. I have made my first steps in scalping thanks to learning materials on the broker’s website. For those who have not tried scalping but really want to, I recommend it!
    ForexTB is a reliable company. I place orders on currencies and they always open in the right way and do not overshoot when the market is moving fast. I had this problem with my previous broker, so I really appreciate it.

  8. By the time I learned about this broker I had changed tens of brokers. However, I didn’t quit trading with all of them. I still trade with some, but I also need brokers because I don’t want to lose new opportunities. On the other hand, sometimes I don’t need new features, but instead I need another reliable partner in my collection to whom I could entrust a part of my funds to multiply them over time.
    It’s one of the worthiest brokers I discovered for the last time. It already has the main thing for long cooperation – a license from a reputable watchdog, namely cySEC.
    As for features, I find its web platform Webtrader really good. Unlike Metatrader, here is much easier to access the required asset.

  9. I have known ForexTB broker for a long time and it has never let me down. For me it is the most reliable broker, where there is convenient feedback and timely payments to the account. I have been working with it for 2 years now, there were no problems even at the beginning – everything is available online. I am fully satisfied with the service, there are no problems with transactions even at the time of reporting, plus prompt withdrawal of funds.
    They have mostly positive feedbacks in the Internet, but nevertheless there are some neutral ones, where some technical moments are discussed. I work with big amount of money, all my orders are checked with the market, no suspicious deals. I definitely recommend to trade here, a month will be enough to assess the quality of service.

  10. I like to use ForexTB broker services. Probably because I trust this company. In Forex trading, trust is very important because it is money. I know there are serious regulations and licenses here. I advise every trader to check this with any broker.
    I also like the large selection of trading assets that are here and I can make money at any time.
    There is a good MT4 trading platform for this.
    Also, this software has a large set of indicators and other tools for technical analysis.


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