‘Colmex Pro CFD Trader’ is a trading platform developed by the CySEC-regulated company Colmex Pro Ltd. This terminal requires downloading of a small executable file. What we see is a complex platform intended exclusively for stock trading.

There are modules that can be resized, moved, docked and undocked. All main features are available on the menu bar at the top. You can customize the workspace by enabling and disabling each module. The most important modules are Trading, Account Manager and Trade manager. Orders are placed in the Trading module where you can get information about bid and ask prices, daily highs and lows, and traded volume. There is market depth data (Level II quotes and volumes) provided. Already open positions are shown in the Account manager module. There are two sections here – Position and Account that show all open positions in detail. The properties of pending orders, including cancellation and modification, can be specified in the Basket Orders section of the Trading module.

The Chart module contains two resizable sections. The time periods start from 1 minute to 3 months. There are several graphical objects such as lines, text, shapes, and Fibonacci retracement. You can customize chart properties and save chars. You can monitor related to the instrument news and articles in the corresponding module.

In our opinion, the platform is too complex and suitable for experienced traders who want to deal with stocks.


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