Behind the name of the website is the European brokerage company Ever Financial AD. It provides financial services under its license in the countries of the European Union (BFSC is a supervisory authority). Thus, traders can benefit from both the safety provided by a European broker complying with the strict regulatory requirements imposed by the supervisory authorities, and the simplicity of the trading terminal. The platform is web-based and can work in any modern browser without having to install anything. Fans of mobile trading will also be satisfied – a fully functional application is available for Android and iOS devices. It is certified and can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store. 

It is a platform with a clean and convenient interface. The initially loaded assets are on the left and selecting one loads its respective chart and opens an advanced trading window. The search box above them helps you find the desired asset. Once you find it, you can add it via the + button and then Close. Next to the search field is the Edit button, which enters the mode of adding, removing, and arranging instruments. Each of them is presented with a “buy” and “sell” price that changes in real time. These become trade buttons when the instrument name is clicked. 

Two order fulfillment modes are available. The market execution mode is initially active. Note that orders in this mode are executed with slippage (if any) – at the next available market price. First you press one of the buttons – Buy or Sell, then enter the amount and press Confirm. The instant execution mode is activated by toggling the “Close at profit” or “Close at loss” sliders before clicking the Confirm button. This way, you can set related stop-loss and take-profit orders before placing the market order. You can also place pending orders (and link associated ones) here by sliding the “Buy when rate is” button. One good thing is that stop loss orders are guaranteed and will be executed at a predetermined price regardless of market conditions. The new position is displayed in the Open Trades window, where you can attach stop-loss and take-profit orders. 

All open positions can be displayed and modified by clicking on the Open Trades tab. A module for important financial and corporate news is also included on the platform. Reports of past trades can be found in the All-Orders tab. 

Charts are in the center of the terminal. They can show the “sell” or “buy” prices. Charts are represented as bars, candles, or lines. Timeframes can be selected from 1 minute to 1 month. Dragging the horizontal and vertical ribbons changes the scale. There are several graphical tools including Fibonacci retracement and trendlines. There are more than 100 technical indicators to help build your trading strategy. 

Overall, the terminal is simply structured and provides all necessary trading tools for beginners and regular traders. You can use it through any existing browser without installing anything. 


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