‘ThinkTrader’ is the name of the trading platform developed by TF Global Markets (UK) Ltd. The company provides its services under the name ThinkMarkets. There are two types of it – desktop and web-based. The desktop version is java based and usually this leads to more use of computer resources. The dark theme is loaded initially. Workplace is split into five resizable modules. The main menu bar is at the top of it. There are submodules such as Watchlist, Charts, Active Orders, Order History and Positions that can be selected. The Instrument’s properties are shown in columns that include bid and ask prices, high and low values, change for the day and micro chart. There is a search box where new Instruments can be added.

Clicking the buttons with bid or ask prices opens the New Order submodule. Order properties can be set here. Clicking the X button calls the Close position submodule. Here you see the closing price and the current result of the position. You can close all open positions by clicking the Close All button. All instruments can be displayed as boxes through the Dashboard tab. A One-click option is also available, and scalpers can use it through these boxes. Another useful feature that recognizes chart patterns – the Authochartist is also provided. All available trading instruments can be found in the Market Explorer submodule.

Charts can be viewed as a single window or in a multi-chart mode. The time periods start from 1 minutes to 1 month and charts types include candles, bars, and lines. We recommend changing the default colors as they are uncomfortable to use. There are several graphical objects such as different types lines, text, and Fibonacci retracement. Above 90 technical indicators are also available. Dragging the price bar scales it.

We think all basic trading features are available here and we recommend this platform for beginner and intermediate traders.


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