‘CoreTrader’ is a web-based trading platform developed by the UK financial company Finsa Europe Ltd. The company provides its services through the name Core Spreads.

The first impression is of a simplified workspace, which is split into two main windows. Instruments are in the upper one and the account information is in the other. Assets are given as a list containing Buy and Sell prices, Daily Change, and Action fields. There are expanding groups and each asset can be found in the corresponding subgroup. Instruments can be chosen in the Market Explorer window. You can create your custom watchlists with favorites. Clicking the Information button displays detailed info about the instrument including trading hours, spread and margin.

The other window consists of tabs that give information about the positions and the funds. Each of them displays corresponding data in the whole window.

Clicking the corresponding button in the asset list displays its chart in a new window. It is resizable and can be maximized in a new browser tab. Zoom can be done by buttons or by a mouse scroll wheel. Dragging the price and time bars change their scale. Time periods start from tick to 1 month. All graphical objects are available under the Select tool menu. They include trend lines, vertical and horizontal lines, shapes, and Fibonacci retracement. The types of charts are candlesticks, bars, lines, and Heikin-Ashi. There are more than 90 indicators arranged in alphabetical order.

We think this is a well-designed trading terminal that provides all basic features and we recommend it for beginner and intermediate traders.


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