Financial company Plus500 has developed its proprietary trading platform. There are two types of it – desktop and web-based. The desktop terminal can be run on the Microsoft Windows operating system and an executable file must be downloaded. The workspace resembles that of a web-based version There are two resizable windows – the instruments window and the chart window below it.

There are several tabs in the instruments window. They are for orders, open positions, and closed positions. Each of them displays the relevant information in the window above. The main menu bar is at the top of the platform. Another menu bar containing different asset groups is on the left side. Account information is also shown here. It includes Available funds, Equity, Margin and Current result.

You can view trading instruments only as a list that contains properties such as Symbol name, Sell/Buy prices, Daily change, High and Low values for the day and so on. Clicking the buy or sell button opens a trade window that contains all the details for placing market and pending orders. There also is an option of using a guaranteed stop loss order, which is a necessary convenience. You can close or modify an open position from the instruments window or the open positions window.

Like in the web-based terminal, charts are quite simplified and offer only several options to be set. In addition, there are less than 20 indicators.

We can conclude that this platform has a bit more functionality than the web version but is still far from a professional desktop terminal. We recommend it for beginner and intermediate traders.


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