The US brokerage company OANDA Corporation has developed its own web-based forex platform. In general, the platform is aimed at more advanced traders because it is somehow complicated. As the name reveals, OANDA Web is a web-based platform and works with any connected to the Internet computer.

After successful login, the default background is loaded. It is white but the color of almost each part of it can be changed. A third-party chart plugin is used. There are buttons for chart settings above the chart window. Over 70 technical indicators are available, arranged alphabetically. If customers need more details, a full screen mode of the charts is available as well. In addition to the predefined time-periods, clients can create different ones. Unlike the desktop version, the scroll wheel here can be used as a magnification tool.

The quotes of the instruments can be viewed as a list or panel and can be edited in this module. Customers can trade through the rates window or directly from charts. Orders are fulfilled through the instant execution model. The settings of pending orders can be defined in the New order window. The position can be closed or modified in the Portfolio window. Account activity is shown here as well. Information about account balance, margin levels and leverage can be found on the left side of the platform. The most important info shows the margin indicator. If its value falls below 100% all positions are stopped out.

As in the desktop terminal, there is a toolbar at the top of the platform, which contains links to different sections of the website such as Technical Analysis, News, Market Pulse and Economic Analysis. All windows can be resized, enabled or disabled and the workspace can be rearranged according to customer’s preferences.


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