The US brokerage company OANDA Corporation has developed its own desktop forex platform. It is intended for more experienced traders and its use is somehow complicated. Oanda desktop is a java-based platform and this probably means it will use more computer resources.

The chart window occupies most of the workspace by default. The background is dark, and the colors are like these in MetaTrader 4. There are 9 time periods including 5 seconds and 1 week. There are over 20 indicators arranged in groups, which can be placed from the Add Study button below the chart. The zoom buttons are next to it. They are not duplicated by the mouse scroll wheel, which is somehow inconvenient.

The instruments window is resizable and contains trading assets. They can be displayed as a list or a panel. The Account Summary window is above it and you can find information about the account balance and the required margin here. All positions are stopped out if the value falls below 100%. Positions can be closed or modified in the trade window at the top.

There are buttons in the vertical menu bar such as Advanced Charting (all graphical objects are here), Technical Analysis, News, Market Pulse and Economic Analysis. Each of them is linked to the corresponding section of the company’s website. Many other features are available in the horizontal menu. In addition, customers can change the account leverage from the Account menu, regardless of whether they have open positions or not. Different color schemes are available in the Tools menu. User preferences, Font size and Language settings are also here.


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