The company AVA Trade EU Ltd. provides its own platform for online trading called AvaTradeAct. There are two versions – desktop and web-based. In this review we are going to test the web-based one. It does not require any software.

The workspace is as simple as possible – only the instrument window is displayed by default. Clicking the selected instrument opens the chart of the asset and the window for orders. The chart plugin is taken from another company and is the same as the Oanada web platform. The initial theme is light, but customers can change it according to their preferences. Charts can be set from the menu bar above. The period of the chart candle can be changed from 1 minute to 1 month. Fans of technical analysis can use nearly 60 indicators, arranged alphabetically. Charts can display bid or ask prices. They can be maximized for better view.

The Order window is next to the charts. This is the module where traders can place market orders, specify the range of allowed slippage, or set the parameters of pending orders. One useful feature is the presence of a button to close all positions on the same instrument. The trades window is below the others and here the position can be closed or modified, and the trading history can be viewed. It can be concealed freeing up more space for charts.

Account information is displayed at the top of the platform. Here you can track your balance, equity, margin, and net profit/loss data. The general settings button is at the end of the bar.


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