The company AVA Trade EU Ltd. provides its own platform for online trading called AvaTradeAct. There are two versions – desktop and web-based. In this review we are going to test the desktop one. It has more features but is more complicated to handle. There are several functional modules in the workspace that can be moved or resized. The modern theme is loaded by default, but it can be switched to the classic view.

The main menus are at the top bar of the terminal. Submenus appear when a button is pressed. All options can be activated here. Main console shows all active windows. There are six loaded charts initially, and they can be rearranged. The ‘Instruments’ tab contains the ‘All added instruments’ section, ‘Dealing rates’ section and the ‘Rrisk exposure’ section. There are links to the corresponding section of the company’s website such as fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and tutorials.

One of the main components of the terminal are charts. They are arranged in Multi-chart windows. Each of them can be maximized or resized. The chart properties are above these windows and each setting can be changed from the corresponding menu. Time periods start from a tick to 1 month, charts can be viewed as candlesticks, bars, and lines. The crosshair and price alerts can be also activated.

There are plenty of indicators arranged by asset type. The most used can be put in the favorites. Customers can trade directly from the charts using a right mouse click. In the menu that appears, they can select several options including ‘indicators setup’ or ‘save current chart as a picture or template’.

Experienced traders can build their custom strategies using the ActivTrades ActFX scripting language. If they already have them written in MQL4, there is an option to convert them.

We can conclude that this platform is not for beginners, as it takes more time and effort to deal with it.


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