In 2007, software company ParagonEX Limited announced its online trading platform called ParagonEX Trader. Currently the company is part of Gopher Protocol Inc.

On first boot, the most popular instruments are displayed. They can be sorted by their names or by daily change. There are boxes with information about high and low prices, daily change, buy and sell buttons and spread. Clicking the mini chart below each instrument opens a more detailed chart view. It should be noted that charts display the average value between buy and sell prices and this is too inconvenient especially when pending orders are placed. Charts properties can be set from the bar above their window. Customers can choose among candlesticks, lines, Heikin-Ashi, bars and dots. Time periods start from tick to 1 month. There is a menu where you can choose lines, trend tunnels and Fibonacci retracement. Over 50 indicators are also available.

Clicking the buy or sell button leads to execution of a market order. Then associated pending orders can be attached. Clicking the ‘Place your order’ button sets entry orders. There is a margin calculator, which shows the necessary margin when entering the amount.

Detailed information about the open positions and pending orders can be found when clicking the button at the bottom right corner. There is a chart window integrated here that also shows the percentage of sellers and buyers.


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