‘FOREXTraderPRO’ is a platform for online trading developed by GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc. The company offers its services under the name Forex.com. There are two versions – desktop and web-based. The desktop version is available for Microsoft Windows operating system only.

The first impression is for a relatively complicated terminal that may be suitable for experienced traders only. The workspace is organized in six resizable modules that can also be moved outside the terminal and placed at a different location. The instruments are displayed as trade-boxes in the Trading module. Clicking the buy or sell button calls the Open position section where the position appears. Then the associated pending orders can be set in the New Order window. You can modify or close each position in the My Position section. More detailed info is displayed by double clicking on the open position. You can set the way your market orders are filled – via the market or the instant execution model from the execution mode menu in the menu bar.

Charts are shown in the next main module. Time periods start from tick to 1 month. You can monitor the same instrument in several charts with different time periods. Charts types include candlesticks, bars, or lines. You can save and load chart templates or shoot the current chart. Colors and display options can be arranged from the Preferences button. There are several graphical objects such as lines Fibonacci retracement, text, and arrows. Almost 60 indicators are available. You can trade directly from the chart by clicking on the sell or buy buttons.

Another section is dedicated to the Autochartist tool. The Autochartist tool recognizes market patterns and predicts the next price direction. You can place orders directly from this window as well. There are other sections named Research and Ideas, Charting, Account, Customize and Help, structured by features. The history of trades is shown in the Account section. Here you can feed your account or change the margin as well.

In our opinion, the platform is unnecessarily complicated for the functionality it has.


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