The online trading platform ‘easyMarkets’ is developed by the financial company Easy Forex Trading Limited. It is web-based and runs on any Internet-connected computer. The space is split into three main parts. The module with available instruments is on the left side. New instruments can be added from the search box here. Instruments are presented in five asset groups – forex, commodities, induces, metals and vanilla options. You can make your own list by adding instruments to My Favorites.

The Trade module is in the center of the space where orders can be placed. Market orders are filled from the Day Trade section. The platform shows the necessary margin when the quantity is entered. Clicking the Buy or Sell button opens a position. We noted one extraordinary feature called dealCancellation. When turned on this feature allows you to cancel an already open position within the next one hour. However, you will be charged if you do this. The Freeze Rate button is another extraordinary feature. Clicking this button freezes the prices for about 3-4 seconds while you must decide whether to open a position or not. However, during the volatile market the price of order execution is not guaranteed, the company warns.

The other module below consists of five sections. My Open Trades section displays open positions in detail. You can modify them here adding stop loss and take profit orders. You can select and close desired positions. The Market News section shows third party financial news. Customers with live accounts receive trading signals.

Charts are in the last module and can be displayed as candlesticks, bars, or lines. The time periods start from 1 minutes do 1 week. There are about 50 technical indicators. You can set chart preferences from the General menu. Charts can be watched in full screen mode as well. There are several graphical objects such as lines, arrows, text, and Fibonacci retracement. You cannot use the mouse scroll wheel as a zoom button, which is kind of awkward.


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