The company Infinox Capital Ltd. is authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and operates under the trade name INFINOX. under registration number 501057.

In addition to the well-known MetaTrader platform, Infinox has developed its proprietary trading terminal called ‘IXO’. Let’s see what features it has.

After successful login, the workspace is loaded into the platform. There are four windows on a black background. The instrument window is on the left and consists of two tabs with five columns. Instruments from popular markets are shown by default, sorted alphabetically. The asset class can be selected from the menu button on the left. Customers can choose from Forex (major and minor), Indices, Commodities (Metals, Energy and Agriculture), Crypto and Equity (global shares). In addition, you can create your watchlist by adding different instruments into it.

A double clicking the instrument line opens the corresponding chart and the corresponding deal box. You can place all types of orders through this box by entering the quantity and clicking on the buy or sell button. Open positions are displayed in the Open Position window at the bottom. You can attach stop and limit associated orders on already open trade by clicking on it there. The corresponding options are shown in the deal box.

The center position is for the chart window. The chart can be represented as candlesticks, lines, area and a baseline. The time frames can be selected from 1 minute to 1 day. There are over 80 technical indicators available from the dropdown menu. The vertical bar on the left side of the diagram window contains some additional drawing tools, including Fibonacci Retracement and a Gan fan. A measuring tool is also available. The mouse scroll wheel is also a magnification tool. There is a snapshot button on the chart. All chart colors can be customized from the settings menu.

The Trading opportunities window is on the right. Predictions of movements based on technical analysis are presented. They are available for different instruments and can be selected from a menu in the same window.

The bar at the top shows account information such as cash balance, required margin, and current profit or loss.

We can conclude that this is a simple and intuitive web-based platform ideal for beginners. Although it provides all the necessary trading features, professionals would probably look for something more, such as automated trading.


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