Hantec Markets Limited is one of the brokerage companies that offers a Currenex-based forex platform called Hantec Prime. Currenex is a forex trading terminal that directly connects traders who buy to these ones who sell via electronic currency network (ECN). The platform is Java based and this usually results in higher CPU utilization. The work panel is split into two resizable modules. The instruments are shown as boxes in the Market module. Customers can add as many instruments as they need. Each box displays symbol name, bid and ask prices, market depth (Level II data), Create an Order button and an arrow that opens a dropdown menu with additional properties. You just can enter the amount in the instrument box and pressing the buy or sell button fills the market order. The prices freeze while the buttons are yellow, and the execution is done by another click on the button. Already open positions are shown in the Margin Position section. You can monitor orders, positions, and account information in the module at the bottom.

The basic features are available on the main menu bar at the top. The chart button is below it. The chart is displayed in a new section, next to the market one. If there are more than one section added, you can split them horizontally or vertically. You can customize chart properties from the menu bar at the top of the module. There are few graphical objects such as lines and Fibonacci retracement. There are two groups of indicators – the first that can be placed on the chart and the second that is below it. The time periods start from 1 minute to 1 day and you can watch bid or ask prices.

In our opinion, the terminal is suitable for dealing with Level II quotes, but it is too complex for beginners.


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